The Discovery Bench is an interactive tool for the people of Dundee to communicate with the new V&A Dundee museum. 

The bench senses when you are sitting on it and becomes active.

To Listen

Simply plug your headphones into the LEFT bench and listen to interesting talks, news and up upcoming events. 

To Share Your Feedback

Plug your headphones (with an in-built mic)  into the RIGHT bench and talk about whatever you feel. 

The aim is to capture the excitement that V&A would inevitable in-still into the people of Dundee.

The aim is to have the bench next to V&A Dundee and The Discovery by the waterfront, facing towards V&A Dundee so that the communities of Dundee can sit and admire the beautiful building designed by Kengo Kuma.

This is the final working prototype complete with arduino and made using cast aluminium and oak.  

Final experiment setting fully cast aluminium shape into oak.

​​Second ​​experimentation with aluminium poured into oak.